9th edition poster contest !

It is still summer, but the date of Japan Impact is slowly approaching. It is about time for us to choose the 9th edition poster !

We are organizing a contest to select the artist who will design our Japan Impact poster. The theme of the contest is “Japan” and it is open to all artists, who can participate by sending us their project and some examples of their other work before the 5th of August. The Japan Impact committee will then choose the winner who will create the final poster and who will win 700 Swiss francs. We invite you to carefully read the rules for further information (size, quality, …).

We wish good luck to all contestants and look forward to seeing all your work !

The 2016 Japan Impact takes place right now !

The convention opened its doors at 10 AM ! Actually, at 10:10 AM, to be honest. You were very numerous to wait for the convention to open well before that time and the corridors have filled in at crazy speed. It warms our hearts to see this amount of interest !

We wish you a very happy and very fulfilling festival.

Thank you.

Only a few days left for cosplay contest registration



Only a few days are left for Registrations for the cosplay contest of 2016 Japan Impact are open! You will find the registration forms, as well as the regulation, on our Cosplay page.

Make sure to read the rules attentively. The registrations will be treated by the Omusubi team after 8th of February. The registrations will close on the 14th of Februrary 2016. Make sure to check your email regularly after registering.

You can find all the information necessary for registration and for participating in the contest on the Cosplay page !

Japan Impact will have a Special Evening Show on Friday 19th of February

Because two days of intense madness are not enough, this year, we have expanded Japan Impact to include a Special Evening Show on Friday ! Here is the program :

On Friday 19th of Ferbruary, the second movie from the Noob trilogy, “La Quête Légendaire”, corresponding to season 7 of the web series, will be shown in preview ! And that is not all : followed by the screening, a conference with 5 actors from the movie will take place. Both movie and conference will be only in French.

The Show will take place entirely in the Forum hall of the Rolex Learning Center (the place where our Cosplay contests take place).

Doors open at 6:15 PM, screening begins at 7:00 PM. Reservation is necessary, no tickets will be sold on the spot.

You can find all the related information as well as the reservation form on our page dedicated to the Special Evening Show !

Japan Impact concerts are revealed !


Neko Light Orchestra

This year, Japan Impact will offer a hard rock  Electric Waves concert by Neko Light Orchestra (on Saturday), as well as their semi-acoustic concert (Sunday).

In addition, as each year, a Taiko concert, with Japanese rhythmical warrior drums will take place, as well as concerts by the Soubugen duo, which combines shamisen (a Japanese instrument) with Japanese dance and singing. And last but not least, the band TwoBreaths returns to let us relive our favorite anime and video game music, with the harp, the flute and the ocarina.

More information on our Concerts page !